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Batiste Dry Shampoo - Fresh

If you get oily hair from not washing it every day or every other day, I truly think this will pump up your do and work fantastic on you! Of course, if your hair is like mine and doesn't produce a lot of oil until a full work week passes, it might not help you out for a few days. I rarely make it to fifth-day-hair, so I'm not going to be repurchasing the Batiste Dry Shampoo. The entire review can be read on my blog - it was way too long to post here:

The Best I have tried yet

I bought this on a whim a few months back in the tropical scent. Personally the scent was way to strong for my taste, but the product is amazing. I use it every other day (so this way I wash my hair every other day) and it works wonders. It gives my hair volume and takes all the greasy feeling out. I lost it in my move a few weeks back and now I am lost without it. I am in search for it now locally so I dont have to pay for shipping. This time around I am going to buy it in a different scent.

Works great-- quite a few scents

I love this stuff. In the morning I put some on different sections of my scalp and let it sit before I blend it in. It can take some work to blend in as well. I wouldn't say every scent is my favorite; in fact, some are very strong. But overall must have!


I'm a hairdresser and this is the best dry shampoo I've come across by far! It takes the oils out with no problem, great for that unwashed third day hair you want to put off for another day! Leaves it smelling good and looking good! Not too greasy! It's a wonderful brand.

Love this product!

I've tried quite a few dry shampoos and this is the best one I've found so far, especially for the cheap price! Id give it five stars if it came in a darker colour instead of white because I've got light brown hair and sometimes its hard work to get all the white to disappear but overall a favourite product! will be repurchasing again(:

Works really well!

This is a great product! When sprayed on roots (aerosol can) it cleans the hair really well and leaves hair feeling light and fresh. Will definitely be repurchasing this! Lasts for several hours, restores moisture without making hair too greasy.


Everybody seems to really like this product, but I really dislike it. it makes my hair even greaser then it was before, and makes it stink! I really dislike the smell, and it is so strong! really regret this purchase :(

makes it LOOK great

its great for rushy days and it makes the scalp touchable as well but leaves the rest looking oily so it but I guess it better to have a little oily hair but the scalp look greaaaaat

love this product

love it so much, it smells brilliant and it makes my hair feel so clean and fresh after using it, no whitey grey dusty roots look either, i highly reccommend to anyone, works a treat!

Another reviewer mentioned "amazeballs..."

...It really is amazeballs! After plowing through a bunch of other drugstore dry shampoos, I purchased a travel size of Batiste in Cherry for like $2.99 at Ulta. I used it once on a super greasy day and literally went "" when I had rubbed it in! I don't wash my hair super often (I almost typed "I don't shower often..." oops) and when it gets greasy and shiny and annoying, I go crazy with this bad boy and leave it in for a couple minutes, then rub it through like a madwoman and am always amazed at the results. Holy grail. Never going back. Muahahahaha.