Nail Expert Strong Results Length & Strength Complex


Natasha E.

I ate nails, and my hands were a mess. Once I decided to leave this bad habit, I started using this, and it's wonderful, without lying, in a week or little bit more, I had great nails, and I 'm still using it. Love it.

Sara M.
One of the best nail treatments out there

It's too bad that avon has discontinued this product. I have tried so many different treatments to get my nails to grow longer and not peel and crack and this did it. I got the bottle for free from my best friends mom who sells avon and I am just hoping beyond all hope she has another bottle in her stash because when mine is gone thats it :( so sad!! I didnt realize I had reviewed this once before!! I still feel the same tho.

Sara M.
Best way to make your sad weak thin nails, strong.

I got my bottle from my best friends mom who used to sell avon, and I tell you its the best gift I have ever gotten, I have been using it daily for about 2 months now and my nails have never been better, in a matter of a few weeks my nails are beautiful, they don't peel, chip, crack, break, or split, they grew nice and long, so much so I had to trim them because they were to long for me. I have never been able to have nice long nails without them snapping off by barely pulling on a pair of socks but when I trimmed them I was so surprised by the fact they cut cleanly no splits or breaks. :) I have used Nail tek Formula #2, and the OPI Nail Envy for peeling nails neither did what this did, I love how it soaks into my nail which lets me know its actually doing good, and it smells nice, lol I found myself smelling my nails like a weirdo... This is definitely something I will get again.

Ish K.

I'm addicted to it. My nails are so thin, so it really works. I wish it would last longer though. I always use it whenever I apply a new color on.