Lash Accents #305

STYLE: Natural
OCCASIONS: Prom / Wedding / Holidays
EYESHAPES: Small Eyes / Large Eyes / Round Eyes / Almond - Shaped Eyes / Deep Set Eyes

Enhance the density along the outer edge of the lashline for a prettier look with half lashes. Choose from a collection of Ardell Accents featuring half lashes to fit your eyes and mood.


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Macy W.
Macy W.
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Eyes: Hazel

Skin: Fair; Combination


I really love these eyelashes because I can reuse them for up to 2 weeks
Everyone thinks they are real and they look pretty natural and you DON'T have to worry about covering the seem because it doesnt show! I never have to wear eyeliner on the top!

Kristina H.
Kristina H.
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Eyes: Amber

Skin: Fair-Medium; Dry, Oily, Combination

Hair: Brown; Fine, Oily

Subtle but does the trick.

These are great when you want a more elongated eye without looking super over the top. The lashes themselves are not too much longer than my natural lashes (granted, I have slightly longer lashes than the average) and with a colorful eye look these looked great. I used them on Halloween, honestly I thought it was going to be more dramatic than it was but it ended up being perfect for the look I was going for that day. If you want longer more dramatic lashed I would probably try some of the red cherry accent lashes since they are a bit longer and thicker.