100% Pure

Strawberry Lemonade Juicy Body Scrub

This exhilarating, juicy strawberry lemonade body scrub buffs away dull, bumpy skin with the powers of fresh fruits-lemon, strawberry, cranberry, cherry, raspberry and pineapple. These fruits are high in anti-aging antioxidants, vitamins and brightening fruit acids for healthy, vibrant, glowing skin. Truly, 100% Pure- no synthetic chemicals, no artificial fragrances, no preservatives, no alcohol or any other toxins.

Ingredients: Organic Cabernet Grapeseed Oil1, Organic Sugar Cane2, Organic Strawberries2, Organic Cherries2, Organic Pomegranate2, Organic Lemon2, Organic Pineapple2, Organic Raspberries3, Organic Cranberries2, Organic Lemon Essential Oil2, Extracts of Organic Cinnamon2, Organic Goldenseal4, Organic Rosemary2, Organic Thyme2, Organic Oregano2 and Organic Blueberry2, Vitamin E (a-tocopherol), Vitamin C (ascorbyl palmitate), Blackcurrant Oil


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Nancy-Lee C.
Nancy-Lee C.
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Eyes: Amber

Skin: Fair; Sensitive, Combination

Hair: Red; Dry, Coarse

so yummy i want to drink it

I love this scrub. It's super hard to find local, so i order it from beauty.com. This scrub smells like the real deal and super fresh, not perfumie.
It starts off in am amazing consistency but you need to keep in mind, it is a sugar scrub so once you are 2/3 the way done, it starts to become more watery and a little clumpy from your wet hands dipping into the container.
My skin is so soft and smells amazing. i just love this product. It's my fave thing from their line.
They missed the last 1/2 star because the product isn't the same from start to finish.