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  • Counter Confidential: The Bachelorette Party

    Counter Confidential: The Bachelorette Party

    A great night out with your girlfriends can happen anywhere, including the makeup counter! Check out these great ideas from our Undercover Beauty Agent for an unconventional bachelorette party you’re bound to remember forever.

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  • Princess Hair: The Half-Up, Half-Down

    Princess Hair: The Half-Up, Half-Down

    Love having hair out of your face but adore the look of loose, long locks? Meet in the middle! Check out a few of our favorite ways to sport a hairstyle so chic Kate Middleton wore it on her wedding day!

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  • Makeup Meets Color Theory
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    Makeup Meets Color Theory

    Are you creatively blocked when it comes to color? If you find yourself choosing a neutral palette day after day, it’s time to break out your box of colors! But if you’re not sure which shades to pick, it helps to understand the basics of color theory first. Keep reading for five fundamental ways to use color with your makeup!

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  • Spring Trend: Pastel Nails

    Spring Trend: Pastel Nails

    The best way to ease into Spring's bright hues? Try a pastel polish first! Keep reading to discover which of the soft, pretty shades you need to own.

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  • How-To: Splatter Nails

    How-To: Splatter Nails

    Ready for a paint party? Keep reading to learn how you can create the ‘80s-inspired splatter effect on your fingertips in just 4 easy steps.

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  • Blue Streak

    Blue Streak

    Looking for a pop of color but don't want to rock colored hair or neon nails? Try lining your lower lashes with a streak of vibrant blue! We look to three Beauties for some inspiration.

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  • Beautylish Social Experiment
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    Beautylish Social Experiment

    Three days, three completely different beauty looks. Beautylish's Jasmine puts society to the test to see if your physical appearance affects how you will be treated on the street. Keep reading to find out what happened!

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  • Beautylish Social Experiment: Plane Jane

    Beautylish Social Experiment: Plane Jane

    Taking public transit, going through security at the airport, and even ordering food while on the go are all situations where you may be judged by your appearance. Beautylish’s Jasmine takes her social experiment to the street again and recounts the interactions she experiences during air travel.

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  • Trend Alert: Rainbow Ombré Tips
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    Trend Alert: Rainbow Ombré Tips

    Beautylish chats with Los Angeles-based colorist Kazumi Morton for the inside scoop on the celebrity hair color trend that's taking the world by storm.

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  • Bye Bye Tan Lines

    Bye Bye Tan Lines

    No matter how careful we are under the sun, embarrassing tan lines are common summer offenders. Keep reading for our tips on on how to fade those lines of demarcation so no one will notice the evidence of your fun in the sun (or forgotten sunscreen).

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