Tips & Tricks

  • 24-Hour Beauty

    24-Hour Beauty

    The stores might be closed, but your beauty collection should be functional no matter what time it is—stay up all night with these beauty-must haves.

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  • Get Perfect Eyebrows

    Get Perfect Eyebrows

    Eyebrows can either make or break a makeup look. From the best shape for your face to tips on how to frame your face correctly, these Beautylish Beauties show us how to have fantastic brows!

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  • Beauty for the Great Outdoors

    Beauty for the Great Outdoors

    Camping season is in full force, but that's no excuse to look frumpy. Check out five camping beauty tips that will keep you polished and pretty in the great outdoors.

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  • Fun Summer Makeup Looks
    • 76

    Fun Summer Makeup Looks

    Summer means being able to go from day to night with a hot makeup trend. These 3 Beautylish babes know how to look fresh and keep the summer fun going!

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  • 5 Clever Non-Beauty Uses For Your Products

    5 Clever Non-Beauty Uses For Your Products

    Did you think that makeup was just for your face? Discover five simple yet genius tips to harness the power of your beauty products at home.

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  • How To Use Lash Extenders

    How To Use Lash Extenders

    Want full lashes without having to apply falsies? With eyelash extenders, you can boost your lash appearance without the messy glue and false lashes that are time consuming to apply.

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  • Summer Beauty To-Do List
    • 901

    Summer Beauty To-Do List

    Feeling bored or out of ideas? We've put together a list of fun beauty activities to keep you going. Keep reading for great ideas on how to spend your summer days!

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  • Summer Ideas For A Baby Beauty
    • 217

    Summer Ideas For A Baby Beauty

    Are you babysitting or hanging out with an ultra-girlie toddler? We've got some fun beauty ideas to keep the budding beauty-nista in your life busy and beautiful during lazy summer days.

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  • Pretty Everyday Makeup

    Pretty Everyday Makeup

    Are you looking to beautifully enhance your natural beauty without going extreme on colors? The beauty of wearing natural makeup is that you'll still look and feel like you. Check out these three fantastic tutorials by Beautylish gals that will flatter (not overpower) your features!

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  • Neon Colorblock Nail Tutorial
    • 431

    Neon Colorblock Nail Tutorial

    Color-blocking ruled the runway this season at Jil Sander, Gucci, and Prabal Gurung, and we're excited to share a fun neon nail tutorial that's less expensive than a trip backstage!

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  • Sexy Party Hair
    • 131

    Sexy Party Hair

    Summer is filled with parties. Check out these fabulous hair tutorials from Beautylish girls—they'll have you looking foxy while you're having fun!

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  • Summer Steals: Hair Care
    • 606

    Summer Steals: Hair Care

    Don't waste your hard-earned money on new hair products you may not even like—try a value set! These summer steals are perfect if you're ready to try something new that won't hurt your wallet.

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  • Fishtail Braids at Mara Hoffman's Summer Swimwear Show

    Fishtail Braids at Mara Hoffman's Summer Swimwear Show

    If you're looking for more inspiration for pool-ready hairstyles, take a cue from the Mara Hoffman swim show...

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  • DIY Blueberry Skin Care Recipes

    DIY Blueberry Skin Care Recipes

    Did you know that blueberries have some of the highest antioxidant levels among all fruits and vegetables? See how you can turn this delicious and healthy snack into super potent skin care this summer.

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  • Poolside Summer Updo For Shorter Hair
    • 74

    Poolside Summer Updo For Shorter Hair

    With the weather heating up, there's no doubt that there are going to be pool parties on your calendar. To keep your hairdo looking fabulous and functional, Beautylish's Jasmine shares a tutorial that will get you ready for the poolside, even if you have shorter hair!

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  • Beach Hair Styling Tips
    • 789

    Beach Hair Styling Tips

    Want to know the best way to care for your hair when you're heading to the beach? We speak to New York-based hair stylist Ward Stegerhoek (famous for his work on the "Sports Illustrated" Swimsuit issues) to find out how to achieve the best, healthy beach hair.

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  • Lovely Nude Lips
    • 173

    Lovely Nude Lips

    The nude lip is a look that you either love or hate. Not a fan? Don't be so quick to brush it off just yet. Transforming your lips a shade lighter than their natural tone can bring a wonderful softness to your pout that looks amazing. Keep reading to for more nude lip tips.

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  • Short and Sweet Hair Inspirations
    • 87

    Short and Sweet Hair Inspirations

    Just because you have shorter hair, that doesn't mean you can't experiment with your cut! Since you have less hair to work with, you need that extra creative touch. Check out these three inspirational videos for short-haired Beauties!

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  • Lovely Styles For Long Locks
    • 291

    Lovely Styles For Long Locks

    Styling your hair differently can completely enhance your outfit and attitude—that's why we're loving these easy styles for long-haired Beauties! Keep reading to learn how to transform your hair into perfect summer do!

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  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Tutorial

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Tutorial

    The premiere of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two" is coming out this week. Are you ready? Beautylish's Jasmine puts her wizardry to the test with a Bellatrix Lestrange hair and makeup tutorial.

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