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  • Beach Hair Styling Tips
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    Beach Hair Styling Tips

    Want to know the best way to care for your hair when you're heading to the beach? We speak to New York-based hair stylist Ward Stegerhoek (famous for his work on the "Sports Illustrated" Swimsuit issues) to find out how to achieve the best, healthy beach hair.

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  • Lovely Nude Lips
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    Lovely Nude Lips

    The nude lip is a look that you either love or hate. Not a fan? Don't be so quick to brush it off just yet. Transforming your lips a shade lighter than their natural tone can bring a wonderful softness to your pout that looks amazing. Keep reading to for more nude lip tips.

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  • Short and Sweet Hair Inspirations
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    Short and Sweet Hair Inspirations

    Just because you have shorter hair, that doesn't mean you can't experiment with your cut! Since you have less hair to work with, you need that extra creative touch. Check out these three inspirational videos for short-haired Beauties!

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  • Lovely Styles For Long Locks
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    Lovely Styles For Long Locks

    Styling your hair differently can completely enhance your outfit and attitude—that's why we're loving these easy styles for long-haired Beauties! Keep reading to learn how to transform your hair into perfect summer do!

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  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Tutorial

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Tutorial

    The premiere of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two" is coming out this week. Are you ready? Beautylish's Jasmine puts her wizardry to the test with a Bellatrix Lestrange hair and makeup tutorial.

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  • The Benefits of Dry Exfoliating

    The Benefits of Dry Exfoliating

    Do you usually slough off the dead skin cells in the shower? Dry exfoliation is a healthy way to revitalize your skin (and may help fight cellulite!), without the water.

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  • Ombré Nail Tutorial
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    Ombré Nail Tutorial 

    Ombré nails are an easy way to spice up your nails without much effort. You literally just dab and go! Keep reading to see how to recreate this hot trend on your tips!

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  • What To Do This Weekend

    What To Do This Weekend

    The weekend is time to sleep in, read the paper, do your laundry, and unwind. Still stuck for ideas? Here are ten beauty ideas to keep you inspired.

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  • Quick Hair Styles For The Beach
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    Quick Hair Styles For The Beach

    Ever head to the beach thinking that your hair looks like a mess? We all feel like that sometimes! Here are Beautylish's favorite easy beach updos with quick tips on how to achieve them.

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  • Waterproof Beach Makeup Tutorials

    Waterproof Beach Makeup Tutorials

    It's officially summer and lazy weekends at the beach or by the pool will be a must. If you take a dip in the waters, apply a light layer of waterproof makeup and avoid the temptation of caking on your makeup—runny foundation is not a good look on anyone! Here are 3 waterproof tutorials from Beautylish gals that will have you looking like a beach goddess.

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  • Are You Sexy Or Cute?
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    Are You Sexy Or Cute?

    Celebrity makeup artist Jeffrey Paul not only teaches how to create sexy looks, but he also shows us a thing or two about Bollywood dancing.

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  • Slumber Party D.I.Y. Beauty Ideas!
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    Slumber Party D.I.Y. Beauty Ideas!

    Girly slumber parties are always fun, but add your own homemade beauty masks and treatments and you'll have an even better time!

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  • Lady Gaga's Crazy Cartoon Eyes

    Lady Gaga's Crazy Cartoon Eyes

    At the MTV Music Video Aid Japan Awards last week, Lady Gaga showed up looking like quite a character. Beauties, ould you go out looking like this?

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  • Summer Hair: The Whitney Port Special
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    Summer Hair: The Whitney Port Special

    Beautylish's Ning chats with Whitney Port and John Frieda celebrity hairstylist Harry Josh about how to get the hottest summer hair styles, from D.I.Y. hair accessories to the perfect summer wavy look.

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  • Foundation Techniques for Women of Color

    Foundation Techniques for Women of Color

    At the International Makeup Artist Trade Show (IMATS) Los Angeles this past weekend, Emmy award winning makeup artist Eve Pearl (the woman responsible for reality singer Susan Boyle's makeover!) demonstrated her tips and tricks for a flawless finish on women of color.

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  • Beauty Guru Must-Haves for Theme Parks

    Beauty Guru Must-Haves for Theme Parks

    Ever wonder what essentials beauty gurus pack for a day at an amusement park? We've got the scoop on their must haves for enjoying the Happiest Place on Earth!

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  • Beauty Tips From Alicia and Rihanna's Makeup Artist
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    Beauty Tips From Alicia and Rihanna's Makeup Artist

    Working with clients like Alicia Keys, Queen Latifah, and Rihanna, celebrity makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff is a red carpet beauty expert. Here, Ashunta shares her makeup tips on everything from applying false lashes to looking good in the spotlight.

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  • Sexy Bronze Looks

    Sexy Bronze Looks

    There is something so alluring about the bronze look—it makes everyone look sexier and slimmer. Here are 3 different types of bronze makeup tutorials that will have you looking like a sexy bronze summer bunny!

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  • DIY Bridal Makeup

    DIY Bridal Makeup

    Thinking of doing your own wedding makeup (or has a friend enlisted your help with her look)? Keep reading for the best big day beauty tips from makeup artist Andrew Sotomayor's Bridal Beauty seminar.

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  • How To Quit Biting Your Nails
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    How To Quit Biting Your Nails

    Beautylish's Victoria tells you her nail-biting beauty confession and discusses how she overcame the habit! Keep reading to see which tips and techniques will work best for you!

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