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6 days ago

Joana P.

Thanks for your reply Shelley! I am using an eye serum along with an eye cream. I do have fine lines under my eyes that just crease when I use too creamy of a concealer like Mac or the Laura Mercier that I bought that I later on returned. I am applying with my ring and pinky fingers like you recommended. I did like the concept of using a corrector so I probably will be going back and get matched once again. In my profile pic I was wearing the bobbi brown corrector and concealer and set with the powder that comes with but as you can see the dark circles are still slightly noticeable. I sometimes wonder if it's even possible to completely cover them.

6 days ago

Stephanie G.

Thanks so much for your comment! Teaching has been really hard but it's been worth it every minute. Congrats on your Master's degree!

Last week

Joana P.

Hi Shelley! hope your well. I need your help again please. I bought the bobbi brown duo undereye corrector a few months back, you might remember. In the store it looked good, but after trying it several times at home, I felt like it was just not covering enough. So frustrating! So I returned it. The bobbi brown representative was not there at the time so I wasn't able to get matched again. So I ended up buying a Laura Mercier concealer because I needed something asap! anyway I ended up returning that one too because it creased under my eyes. So now I'm here again wondering if you have any suggestions. I feel that I need to look into a corrector and concealer instead of just concealer. What are your thoughts? My under eye circles are on the brownish side. Thanks a bunch:)

2 weeks ago

Sarah N.

Aw Shelley that is so wonderfully sweet! Especially coming from you, considering I feel I always learn something when reading your posts / responses. That is such a great idea, I'll definitely do that when I have some free time, since I want to really make it as informative as possible. I'll notify you once I post it because I'd love your opinions on the same thread you're so knowledgeable on skin and makeup as well.

3 weeks ago

Reny J.

Hey Shelley , any chance that you keep in touch with traci?? I haven't seen her on this in awhile.. I hope she's ok... She akways have such great feedback and advice

3 weeks ago

Shelley W.

I wish I did have her personal debts because I miss her as well. She is the boss when it comes to skincare. I hope she is ok as well and checks in soon.

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Shelley W.

If you can dream it, you can do it. -Walt Disney

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