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2 weeks ago

Karly R.

I was wondering would you suggest the Mario hyaluronic eye cream or the glycolic one? I'm using retin a for under eye wrinkles and need something for super moisture?? Thank you!

2 weeks ago

Jackie S.

Shelley, I created a post yesterday about my makeup. Do you think you could see how I did? If I'm improving? Thank you!!

2 weeks ago

Livi H.

Have you heard of epionce products? I recently purchased the lytic sport tx as a treatment for blemish and evening skin tone. Have you used it before and what do you think of it? And I'm so sorry to spam your comment section lol!!

2 weeks ago

Livi H.

I actually have the nude skin sampler I got before!! I haven't tried it. I think I'm screwed with my skin type as combo oily and acne prone I feel like I can't use them :/ lol thank you so much for your responses!

2 weeks ago

Tiffany B.

Hello my dear,

I have a few quick questions for you. I have my vacation this week and was wanting to go get a facial but how do you know if they are actually licensed to do microdermabrasion, peel etc.before stepping into the store? Do I just call and ask them? lol I know it's kind've a stupid question but I haven't gone in way to long and since I just moved back to Texas I'm a little unsure of where to go.

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Shelley W.

If you can dream it, you can do it. -Walt Disney

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A domestic violence advocate and a college graduate looking forward to graduate school and beyond. I'm a skincare junkie who has finally found the secret to maintaining healthy skin after years of experimenting with all the wrong products. I'm happy that I found the perfect combination of skincare and diet to give me the skin I dreamed of having back when I was a teenager. Makeup of course is another love but skincare is my little piece of happiness. :)
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Along with make-up I'm a HUGE fan of skincare products and I've tried just about all of them except for a few. So if you're curious about a particular line then I'm your gal for all the details.