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2 days ago

Mohsen A.

Hey Shelley what product and brand do you reccomend I use to combat blackhead and oily skin with whiteheads and large pores. My skin is combination and very sensitive! Oily on forehead and nose where most of my problems are! Thanks!

3 days ago

Cindy Y.

Hi Shelley!! I was wondering I noticed that my my eye lid skin is super irritated because I know I'm really ruff applying eyeshadow and I know the make up wipes I use are super abrasive. what can I use to soothe the eye lid skin and what type of of makeup remover can I use to take off my mascara?

3 days ago

Stephanie S.

Thank you so much Shelley! I will more than likely try the roc retinol eye cream since it is drugstore and my budget is a little tight lol. so with this product I should only use it at night correct? I'm actually really good about putting my eye cream on every day and night, I think it's because I'm so obsessed with them! Thanks again Shelley:)

5 days ago

Stephanie S.

Hi Shelley! I hope you are doing well. I just had a quick question for you. I was wondering what eye cream you would recommend for someone that has dark circles, dryness, and that has slight bags under the eyes? I loved the bobbi brown eye cream for its moisturizing properties, but I'm not sure if it was giving my under eyes all the benefits that it needs..Please help lol.

3 days ago

Shelley W.

Hello Stephanie! I'm doing great...thank you. :) I too was using Bobbi Brown Eye Cream. Its great at giving a smooth canvas for concealer to sit on and dealing with dry patches but its by no means a powerhouse product that's for sure. I will suggest a drugstore product and something high-end to work with whatever budget you have in mind.

RoC Retinol Correxion Eye Cream as it covers all the issues that you are experiencing. I'm a fan of the line myself as I use their retinol cream for face. You can find it at Target and ULTA (if you go to ULTA be sure to apply their $3.50 coupon towards it and if you have a manufacture coupon for RoC skincare they will allow you to use that in addition).

First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple daughter who is a MUA bought a few of these as gifts to three of her regular standing clients and one that I spoke to about this particular product thinks its the best thing she's ever tried. First Aid Beauty can be found at Sephora.

Whatever one you pick up its vital that you apply it daily and do not skip a day. I'm so bad at that when it comes to eye creams and then I get upset when it doesn't show me solid results. And its also dependent on just how far advance your concerns are. Dark circles can be a mix of lack of proper nutrition/sleep or just hereditary which may require more intensive repair (aka...visit to the dermo). Bags under the eyes...for me...too much sodium consumption gets me (puff central). And the dryness...lack of moisture since the undereye area is so fragile and skin is thin there. Let me know what you decide. :) And I hope I was of some assistance. :)

Last week

Richa G.

Hey Shelly! I have oily skin...I was asking for someone else who has dry skin. I need makeup remover wipes for myself.

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Shelley W.

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