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LOVE this product!!! Painterly is one of my favorite MAC products ever. It can be used as a primer or on its own, since its pigmented enough to conceal any veins or redness on the lids. You'd be surprised by the difference this makes, my eyes instantly look brighter and more awake. Although its not as powerful as my Urban Decay Primer Potion, I find myself reaching for this more so than my UDPP. I love paint pots because they don't crease and last forever (my Painterly will be 2 in October and is still going strong). I also have Bare Study, Rubenesque, Blackground and Contructivist and I love them all!!

I own three tubes of this (Vanilla, Coconut and the Original) and while I do love them, its really just an expensive branded version of Aquaphor. They are both great at moisturizing the lips and Kiehls does contain spf so thats nice..but in the end its just vasaline. Like Ning said, I also use it on my brows to keep them in place. If you want to spend the extra $$ I suggest this, if not head to CVS for some Aquaphor!


NARS madly is the very first high end blush I ever bought (almost 8 years ago) and I adore it. It's such a beautiful nude/pink that looks pretty boring in the pan but really beautiful on the skin. There are a ton of YouTube reviews on this particular shade and I'm so happy its getting so much love. On my skintone (NW20) it comes off a bronzy pink color, its very unique. It does contain shimmer but once you blend it out its not noticeable on your face. Be sure to use a light hand though, its very pigmented! I recently picked up Douceur and love that color as well. NARS has wonderful lasting power and beautiful packing!

Favorite Moisturizer!

This is the only stuff that calms my dry/itchy skin in the winter. I've tried so many other lotions, from Eucerine to Jergens and even perscription stuff and none of them worked for me like Creme De Corps. This is pretty expensive, I think my large bottle w/ the pump costs me $47 but to me its worth it since I get relieve from my intense dry skin. There is no scent to this and the creamy/yellow formula blends in perfectly. I apply this to my body right out of the shower and it settles into my skin pretty good...but you might have to wait a few min. before putting your clothes on so it really sinks in. I also love the dewy moisturized look this gives my skin, especially my decollete!

I got this as my Sephora Skincare Challenge Reward last year and am having a really hard time getting into it. I don't know for sure, but I imagine this doesn't contain any sulfates since there is absolutely no sudsing bubbles. While I do appreciate cleansers that avoid harsh chemicals, this stuff seams to just smear across my face rather than absorb into it. Despite the lack of foaming bubbles, my face always feels clean, not stripped, after using this...but it just doesn't blow me away (feel free to let me know of any tips or tricks to usng this!!) I will say this stuff is amazing at removing makeup swatches from your the back of your hands or arms, which is what I mostly use it for :)

I have combo/dry skin that gets really dry/tight feeling in the winter months. I've tried a ton of different moisturizers from high end to drug store and none of them really worked for me. I heard a lot about Hope in a Jar and decided to purchase the small .5oz jar at Sephora. It took me about a month 1/2 to go through the bottle but I was instantly hooked. The texture is a bit weird and took me a while to get used to. Its not thick, but its not a gel..its quite odd. However, it made my skin so velvety soft and even made my skin appear more luminious and awake looking (which I noticed after the product was used up and my skin starting looking dull again). The scent is not so great, but thankfully it fades after a few minutes. My only complaint about this product was I wish it was a bit stronger so instead of repurchasing this formulation I picked up When Hope is Not Enough. So far, thats been much better for my dry skin! Oh and neither of them have upset my t-zone area, which tends to breakout with the slightest change in my skincare routine.

My Signature Scent!!

I can't believe there aren't any reviews on this yet! I am going on my third bottle of this stuff in only 2 years. This is definately my go to spring and summer scent. Its a beautiful citrus/floral that reminds me a lot of Tommy Girl (which I wore for all my 4 years of high school) but for adults. My only complaint would be the lasting power, but its only a Toilette so thats to be expected. I always get tons of compliments when I wear this and will continue to purchase for as long as they make it! TIP: one piece of advice is to be careful when choosing this fragrance because the EDP version is in a similar bottle but smells completely different. From my experience EDPs are usually strongers versions of the EDT, but in this case its two different scents. The EDP is a deeper woodsy scent while the EDT is a light, citrus scent. Just wanted to give you all a heads up! I own both, but enjoy the EDT much more!

I love chloe!! It's very clean, fresh and feminine but not in the typical way. It's hard for me to describe this scent because its clean and fresh without being too citrus, too floral and doesn't have at trace of soapy/babypower smell. It's very elegant and classic. I love the way it makes me feel, as if I just stepped out of the shower. You can wear this to work, on a date or during the day. Also, I find that its beautiful to wear all year round. Definitely a favorite of mine!

This was the first highlighting product I ever bought and even after 5 years I'm still in love with it. I will start off by saying the amount of product you get for your money is insane. I've never actually finished an entire bottle, but have re-purchased since the formula tends to get goopy after a while. The packing reminds me of a nailpolish and is super easy to apply. I put about 3 dots on either side of my cheek bones and tap into my skin with my fingers. Then whatever is left over I tap onto the bridge of my nose. I love the beautiful glowly effect this gives you. It dries to a nice sheen and lasts all day and the best part is there are no chunky glitters like most other highlighters contain. The only thing is you need to be VERY careful not to over apply this stuff, only a few drops are needed!

Favorite Nude Lip!

I adore MACs High Tea (lustre) for days where I want a nude lip. I've tried using Creme D' Nude and Myth, but both are way too concealing and make me look like I have no lips. I also love the fact that this is a Lustre finish because it goes on more like a gloss and has a shiny finish. I highly suggest High Tea for those of you with light to medium skin tones that like a little color to their nudes. It doesn't look like much in the tube, but this is a beautiful natural color and I wore it on my wedding day :)

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