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3 days ago

Sandy T.

Thank you much appreciated.

4 days ago

Jacqlyn W.

Thanks, Jacqueline!

5 days ago

Jacqlyn W.

Hey, Alma. There is someone using Kayla Itsines's photos and claiming they are hers.

4 days ago

Jacqueline H.

Hi Jacqlyn: Alma is away from her laptop, but thank you for the heads up... This issue will be addressed.

6 days ago

Rafia H.

Hey miss Alma! this is my new account.lost the old one. followed. how are you??

Last week

Sandy T.

No problem alma I hate bullies and rabble rousers😝 you guys provide wonderful service and I would hate for you to feel unappreciated. Also just friendly warning that person sounds like a stalker, who knows who that it is you might know them hiding behind a dog face. Creepy! All the best always.

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Alma M.

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Hello Beautylistas! Let the Makeup Madness lead you to your creativity.Foundation Runs through my Veins,Just me and my brushes applying and create and achieve what is wanted Tricking the eye of your illusion. With Respect and a Flick of a brush Just SOAK IT ALL UP LIKE A FOUNDATION SPONGE! Makeup is Limitless don't ever feel like you Know it all, that will stale your progress practice doesn't make you perfect it makes you strive for bigger & better things with your skill after all makeup is art but even Artist have to sell paintings. I always follow Back and absolutely appreciate all of you that follow and don't be shy to ask questions,I'll do my best to help.STAY BEAUTIFUL and CLOSE TO CLASSY ;)
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