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4 days ago

Jessica P.

Following back :) Wonderful skills you have!

13 hours ago

Alma M.

Thank you Jessica much appreciated :)

Last week

Chelle W.

I'm trying to follow you back Alma but I'm new to this and I don't see a follow button lol 😭

6 days ago

Alma M.

Hi Chelle, if your on the app you follow people back when you press the heart on the bottom left. 💜 lol I know it can get a little confusing trying to get the hang of some things out on BL. :)

Did miss Jacqueline remove her account? :(

Last week

Alma M.

She did a week ago but she's back with a new profile :)

Last week

Livi H.

Oh good, I was literally sad when I couldn't find her!

Last week

Jacqueline H.

I'm still here... ;) I'm still here because of Alma. :) She and I have had this Vulcan mind meld thing going on for 4 years, and I couldn't break that up. She's one of my very favorite people on the face of the planet, and she understands me more than I understand myself sometimes... Strange? Yes... but it's true.

I was just getting way too uptight by what I was seeing on threads, and I wanted out. Now I'm just here to have fun and not be so uptight. Ask Alma, I'm pretty darn funny, and much more lighthearted than people get to see here on Beautylish. I want people to see that side of me, not the argumentative uptight one that I was becoming; hence a new profile, and a fresh start. :)

Last week

SailorMoon S.

They're actually really good. The darker ones are a bit patchy (my judgement againts seeing other people's swatches) but the ones I have are torally amazing for 7 bucks. They do feel a little different than the stila and KVD formula they felt a tiny bit more heavier once they dried I want to say. But for the price they're really good. I saw a swatch of lava luster and it looked like it gave that really pretty natural yet intense gloss look lol. Mango lava looks really pretty and so does lychee lava.

oh no they're almost 100% dupes. I'd say they're 98% lol there's a tiny tiny tiny difference but you can't even notice.

On the top is lychee lava alone and on the bottom is lychee over pigment. :)

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Alma M.

Location: San Diego, Ca.

Foundation Runs through my Veins and I need my next makeup fix ;)

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